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empresa1The business model

Faimali’s business is centred around the development of added value for Patagonian lamb, supplementing this during the low season with local wild hares of the European species.Production is a highly seasonal activity and takes place between December and May, with the peak period in January and February.

Our social and corporate responsibility

We are committed to the development of control processes that are in line with requirements for legal, fiscal and working practice.

We seek to maintain a harmonious co-existence with the local community, respecting our neighbours’ rights at all times.

We feel our company is called to be a leader in environmental management through careful processing and adequate planning to ensure a sustainable activity.

empresa2We also promote adequate management of resources, optimising their usage and conservation, and minimising the production of waste.

Our traceability system

We have developed a made-to-measure traceability system to guarantee fulfilment of all national and international regulations. This enables us to determine the origin and follow-through of each piece at every one of the steps along the chain: primary production, slaughter, processing, transport, destination and recall.

Our team

Our team of workers exceeds 250 people in the high season. They are our most important asset and we are concerned to promote on-going improvements to guarantee their job satisfaction and safety in the workplace.

empresa3The logistics: supply

Our operational base is in Río Gallegos, near the Straight of Magellan.We contract duly authorised livestock haulage services that carry between 400 and 600 lambs per trip.We operate in the provinces of Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego within a radius of up to 1,000km from our plants.

empresa4The logistics: sales

We export from the port of Puerto Deseado, a 800km away from our base.Regional and national services are carried out by road freight with door-to-door delivery, arriving within 72hrs at the city of Buenos Aires, 2,500km away.

The traceability system


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