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Lamb. (Carcasses, cuts and offal)

At Faimali we purchase live lambs that we process and market as frozen carcasses or in cuts, offal and by-products.

We produce all the traditional cuts, bone in or boneless, vacuum-packed or according to our customers' specefications.

We also process and market hares in cuts, and by-products, during the off-season for lamb.

European Hare (Lepus Europaeus)

hareWe process about 100 tons per season, which starts in May and ends in July. The main markets are Germany, Benelux, France and Italy. Llièvre l'Européenne (Lepus Europaeus)

Nous en traitons 100 tonnes par saison, qui commence en mai et extrémités en juillet. Les marchés principaux sont l'Allemagne, le Bénélux, la France et l'Italie.

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