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Who We Are

The history of Frigorífico Faimali in Patagonia, Argentina

Frigorifico Faimali S.A.’ was started up in 1986 by three members, sheep farmers in Santa Cruz province, with the intention of processing  their lamb to serve the local market, with a staff of 40 people and a small processing plant.

hist1The following years showed constant growth, as far as achieving a strong position on the national market.The eruption of the Hudson volcano in 1991 and the severe snows of 1995 caused sheep production in the region to deteriorate. The start of a strong economic recession and the lack of competitiveness in Argentine production motivated us to seek other alternatives and in 1997 we began to export.

In 1999, through an agreement with the Santa Cruz provincial government and with the support of a group of producers who supplied the livestock, growth was achieved and Patagonian lamb was positioned once again on the world market. The success of this initiative has been increasing, reaching a current volume of over 200.000 lambs in our 11.000 m2 plant employing over 250 people throughout each season.

hist2¿Who we are?

Cía de Tierras Sud Argentino S.A. (Group Benetton), together with our team of employees, have the responsibility of developing and fulfilling the strategic objectives set out for Frigorifico Faimali S.A.

Our mission

To be a leading company in the sheep meat industry as a reference within our local community.

The vision

To be recognised as a leading company in the processing and marketing of Carne Ovina Patagónica [Patagonian lamb], adding value and reliability to our products through the integrated effort of all our employees.

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